Brenda FerrimaniBrenda Ferrimani is a painter of dreams. Her dream paintings have been seen on the cover of Dreamtime and Dream Network magazines, and the Rocky Mountain Dream Journal. Her work has been featured at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts and ASD’s Dream Oddyssey Art Exhibition in 2001.

GoldringAlyssa Goldring states that “Dreams have guided me thoughout my life and are often the source of my art work. Through art and writing I explore my inner world and bring its dream energy and wisdom into my everyday life. I have a “mix and match” approach to media, and use acrylics in various ways, as well as transparent and opaque water color, monotype, charcoal, brush and ink and other drawing tools, fabric photograph and collage”. Her website features her images and dreams.

Epic Dewfall

Epic Dewfall blends images from his dreams with his own poetry, as in this piece called “The Dreamers “. As he says: “I get ideas for my paintings from lucid dreams. About once a month when I’m dreaming, I will realize I’m dreaming, and when I do, I then walk around in the dream looking at art on the walls. I usually find many paintings on every wall. By the time one of these lucid dreams ends, I usually have one or two good paintings memorized. I always recreate them in pastel on 12 by 18 inch paper. I’ve been doing this as a hobby since 1986.”

Dream Ikons

Dream Ikons is the work of two artists, Scherer and Ouporov, who utilize the inspiration of dream images to create gilded icons. “The image of the dreamer is in the center, while the surrounding, illuminated area represents the dream itself. In the tradition of medieval manuscript illumination, the center is a fixed, rational image and the borders represent the irrational side of the imagination–in this case, the unconscious realm of our amorphous dreams, desires or nightmares. Whereas in medieval painting, the gold traditionally symbolizes the union with God, in Dream Ikons it is the unconscious state of sleep. In many cultures, dreams are believed to be a direct channel to the spirit world, therefore the gold can also represent this connection.”

Rahima Warren

Rahima Warren‘s website SoulPlay, is an intuitive interface to access her art based her dreams. A graduate of the transpersonal psychology program at John F. Kennedy University, and a registered marriage and family therapist, she created a deep process of inner growth called SoulPlay, and led SoulPlay workshops and women’s groups. She also led Image, Symbol and Dream trainings for psychotherapists and counselors.

ArtemisKellie Meisl is an artist with a BS in education. Kellie uses her dreams as a springboard for her artwork. She teaches DreamArt in her community of the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts. In 2009, she published a book Dream Stories: Recovering the Inner Mystic with Connie Caldes. She writes articles for Dream Network Magazine and Her work can be found on her web site,



Letting GoJeff Hukill is well known for capturing the fine line that separates our outer physical world with the inner spiritual awakenings of the fragile human Spirit through his colorful, vibrant, heart opening paintings. His paintings reflect the beauty of this world with realistic dreamlike visions filled with backdrops of landscapes, colors, people and subjects that tell
visual stories that spark the imagination of the sacred fire of Spirit inside us.  His artwork speaks of love, hope, peace, happiness, and possibility in this hostile ever-changing earth world. In Jeff’s words “I truly believe that dreams can bring an understanding of who and what we are by showing us realities beyond this life of matter, space and time. They touch the inner worlds, give us hope, strength, inspiration and possibility. Dreams speak to us in a language of the heart and are one of the greatest mysteries of life to understand.” Visit his website.

HIPPOCAMPUS foto galeriaCarole Lindberg’s work has developed over the years simultaneously with her dream practice, using dream imagery sometimes, other times referencing dreams and the hyperreal or paradoxical illogic of dreaming. Visit Carole’s site. 

Laura Smith is a farmer, civil servant and dreamer who lives in an intentional community in Huntington, Vermont. She is a student of Archetypal Dreamwork at the North of Eden Center for Archetypal Dreamwork in Montpelier, Vermont.  She has this to say about her work: “In March of 2011, I dreamed that the Anima (female divine Archetypal figure) was teaching me how to paint as we painted together. In the dream, I felt incredible support and love in my place of child-like creativity with her. I felt very close to her, like she really cared about me. It was like she had all the time in the world for me and it didn’t matter if I made a mistake. During a particularly difficult spot in my dreamwork, my dream therapist suggested that I draw or paint an image from the dream. This opened the door to a previously unexplored part of me. I think of this new found creativity as a gift of the dreamwork; something unexpected and profoundly moving for me, a place to deeply explore and feel into what the dreams bring.  All of the work shown here is inspired by my dreams. Each of my images holds the purity and intention of a dream. Carl Jung said that art is the language of the soul, that the dream is the truth. Our soul can’t speak to us in words in an intellectual way. The dreams speak to us in images and, through the dreamwork, we are invited to feel into what they show us. My artwork is an expression of my soul journey. I also write about my journey in Archetypal dreamwork on my blog at The rest of my artwork may be viewed there.”

erpinoDreams, travel, science, and ideas influence the art of Ann Erpino. She is inspired by the beauty and power of nature – by trees, animals, rocks, and flowers – and by nature’s inherent domination over civilization through geological and physical forces, and chemical and energetic processes.  Visit her site.




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