The following schools offer educational or degree programs in dreamwork….if you know of other programs, contact The Dream Tree so they can be added to this page.

Center for Archetypal Dreamwork (Montpelier, Vermont)

The Center for Archetypal Dreamwork is dedicated to the unique journey of each student into the alchemical terrain of dreams while providing the larger context of this profound form of dreamwork. Every course is available for distance learning through videoconferencing; students from all over the world join those who are physically present at the school in Vermont, USA. We offer two certification programs and general courses in Archetypal Dreamwork: the General Studies program is for those interested in learning about Archetypal Dreamwork and deepening their own personal work in a community of learners, while the Therapist Training program is for those interested in becoming a certified Archetypal Dreamwork therapist. Courses are based on North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork, which, in the tradition of Jung’s Red Book, invites dreamers to experience the unconscious in a direct, visceral, and sensual way that sidesteps the mind and engages the consciousness of soul (for in-depth information, visit Courses at the Center for Archetypal Dreamwork include Archetypal Dreamwork and Rudhyarian Astrology, Exploring Mythology and Story through the Lens of Archetypal Dreamwork, The Fundamentals of Archetypal Dreamwork, and Gender and Archetypal Dreamwork,  as well as courses in the creative arts (drawing, writing, music). To learn more about The Center, contact Annie Wattles at or (802) 229-4786, or visit

John F. Kennedy University (Orinda, California)

John F. Kennedy University M.A. Offered with Concentration in Dreams. Specialization offers 10 different courses on dreams taught by JFK University’s faculty, including Fariba Bogzaran, PhD, Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, Jeremy Taylor DMin, Kimmy Johnson, Mehrdad Fakour, and Marylin Flowler 

New England Dreamwork Institute (Northfield, Massachusetts)

Become Certified In Dreamwork at The New England Dreamwork Institute.  Multi-Level Training Program; 3 Weekend Intensives Per Year in Western Massachusetts ; Introductory to Advanced Courses Available; Distance Learning and Internet Practicums; CEU Credits Are Available. How would this Program Benefit You? Therapists, Counselors and Social workers: The integration of Dreamwork can be a beneficial catalyst to the therapeutic and counseling process. Alternative Healing Professionals: Energy Healing, Body Work, Yoga, and Reiki practitioners can all benefit by integrating Dreamwork into their programs. Health Care Professionals: Working with patients’ dreams can provide valuable insight in the diagnosis and healing process. Clergy, Lay Leaders and Parishioners: Training in the use of Dreamwork as a regular form of spiritual practice. Teachers: Dreamwork provides tremendous motivational and inspirational tools for all forms of learning. Concept and Design Engineers: “Think Tank Dreamgroups”T for new product development departments of progressive businesses. Business and Community Leaders: Dreamwork can provide leadership skills needed to compete in the new global economy while paying attention to social, cultural and environmental awareness issues. For a full Course description and more information contact : Cody Sisson

Chaplaincy Institute Dream Certification Program (San Rafael, California)

Chaplaincy Institute Dream Certification Program  is based on the criteria established by the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Courses will include Group Dreamwork, Dreamwork as a Spiritual Discipline, Introduction to Spiritual Psychology, Dream Group Leadership, and Global Historical Perspectives on Dreams. Individual supervised dreamwork, internship hours, and a final paper/project are also required.

Pacifica Graduate Institute (Santa Barbara, California)

Pacifica Graduate Institute  is located at 249 Lambert Road, Carpinteria, CA 93013. Phone 805) 969.3626, Fax 805) 565.1932. Dream and Mythology programs and six-month training institutes are offered.

The Lucidity Institute (Palo Alto, California)

The Lucidity Institute  offers periodic Residential Training Programs in Lucid Dreaming with Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Special Guests, held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Becoming adept at lucid dreaming requires a degree of focused and sustained attention and practice that is often difficult to arrange in the face of the many demands of our busy workaday lives. These carefully designed programs provide an ideal opportunity to devote time exclusively to cultivating your lucid dreaming ability and enhancing your consciousness in everyday life. Unlike weekend workshops, in which we are limited to instruction in methods of lucid dream induction for participants to employ at home, this intensive program aims to bring you to the experience of lucid dreaming during the course of the program through practice, discussion, guidance, and specially designed sleep schedules. The retreat includes: focus on lucid dreaming while lodging on the beautiful, dream-inspiring Stanford University campus, daily group and individual exercises in developing lucid dreaming skills and enhancing consciousness, dreaming and waking; a sleep schedule (including naps) optimized for the promotion of lucid dreams; use of lucid dream induction technology: DreamLights, SuperNovaDreamers, PESTs, DreamSpeakers, and new experimental devices ; discussion sessions and personal guidance by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, author of Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming ; lectures and discussions on the science of lucid dreaming and continuing research and field trips to the Stanford lab to observe lucid dreaming research in action; group support in your endeavor to master lucid dreaming; instructional materials including the Lucidity Institute’s Course in Lucid Dreaming and Oneironautical Log.

Dreamwheel (Concord, Massachusetts)

Dreamwheel is an educational center which seeks to foster appreciation and skills in the art and practice of dreamwork for citizens and professionals at home, at work, and in community life. The Dreamwheel offers workshops, trainings, and related events for lay people and professionals which are designed to support the development of dreamwheels (circles of dreamworkers), and the networking of resources among dreamworkers. Presenters and programs draw from a variety of orientations ranging from psychoanalytic and archetypal approaches to Gestalt, Native American, Tibetan, cognitive, and spiritual systems. For more information, contact The Dreamwheel, 191 Sudbury Road, Concord, MA 01742-3423.

D.R.E.A.M.S Foundation (Montreal, Canada)

The D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation is  non-profit organization that offers information and courses about dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams, and their practical applications.To receive a free pamphlet, reserve a copy of the forthcoming book, Lucid Living in this Waking Dream: A Course in Applied Dreaming, or to find out about lucid living canoe-trip adventures, contact: The D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation, Box 513 Snowdon, Montreal, QC H3X 3T7, 514-488-0347

Dream Institute of Northern California (Berkeley, California)

The Dream Institute is an experimental cultural center founded in 2003. It has come into being during this time known as the shift or the great turning. Dreams are a natural resource, democratically available to all, yet vastly underutilized today. Most cultures throughout history have called upon dreams for information and guidance. They are more relevant than ever at this time of upheaval and transition. Our mission is to offer program participants a soulful experience and to restore dreams, as an ancient wisdom source, to a place of respect in contemporary society.

Sonoma State University (Sonoma, California)

Offers an M.A. program in depth psychology that develops practical skills in depth inquiry, which is the ability to access, explore, and gain meaning from hidden aspects of inner experience.  Dreamwork, active imagination, symbolic work, art process, body work, mask work, sandplay, and work with myth, movement, ritual, and sound, are all techniques of depth inquiry. 

Saybrook University (San Francisco, California)

Dream Certificate Program Saybrook University offers graduate online course work in Dream Studies, as well as an online/residential Dream Studies Certificate. The Dream Studies certificate is designed to help students gain an understanding of the important research about dreams and to implement that knowledge in order to accomplish personal and professional goals. Our teaching approach encourages the student to explore personal interests and learn through experience as well as to come to an appreciation of research in the field. This certificate will give students an understanding of dream research, practice and personal meaning.