Would you like to participate in a dream group? You can learn more about the many possible avenues of group work and dream sharing through connecting with others online. Just click on your preference below.

Cyber Dream Sharing Forums are moderated email and online dream groups sponsored by Electric Dreams. Visit the Cyber-Dream Temple for more information.

Dream Journal Online: Sawlogs is a way to store, search, sort and share your dreams. At Sawlogs you can:

  • Keep your dream blog online Sawlogs lets you record and store your dream blog online in a secure, password-protected area — and at the same time lets you share the dreams you’d like to make public with the others using Sawlogs.
  • Discover who dreams like you Sawlogs stores, sorts and retrieves dreams from the database of dream blogs to find dreams just like yours — letting you hook up with other dreamers who have had similar dreams.
  • Discuss yours and other dreams Once you’ve connected up with other dreamers, you can use Sawlogs as a community blog — discussing dreams, their content, interpretations and more.

Dream Commentary : If you enjoy commenting on others’ dreams, consider joining the ed-core mail list, also sponsored by Electric Dreams. There is no obligation to comment on dreams as they come through, and all comments are seen in the light of “one of many interpretations”. Once a month the dreams and comments are put together and published in Electric Dreams. To subscribe, send an email from the the email address you want the subscription sent to:

TO: Majordomo@igc.apc.org

SUBJECT: (leave blank)

IN the Body of the Email put only: subscribe ed-core

If you have an automatic “signature” on your emailer, turn it off. In a short while you will receive a notification that you have been signed on, and a Welcome letter from the Electric Dreams community.

If you know of more online dreamsharing resources, please contact the Dream Tree.