“Question: I keep having a dream over the years in variations that always puzzles me. I have a urination problem in that I can’t find a place to urinate. I’m often in an old tree house above the family garage, and usually end up looking all around and urinating in the garage. Sometimes there is a hole in the floor, but other times I just let go on the gardening tools and bench there. I’ve also had these dreams where I wander around other buildings looking for a place to urinate. Got any ideas on this?

Urination problems in dreams can be as frustrating as urination problems in real life. However, in waking life we usually don’t look for deeper meanings. Although this dream has its own uniqueness and deep mystery that only the dreamer can give meaning to, there are some common and mythic themes I can comment on.

Often when we have to urinate in a dream, we really do have to urinate! But other times we have to urinate during sleep and don’t dream about it at all.” Read full story.